Toward sustainable manufacturing through harmonizing people, environment, society, and economy.

Have you heard of “SDGs ( Sustainable Development Goals )” ? These goals aim for achieving a better and more sustainable future for all by 2030: a world without discrimination where environment, society, and economy evolve together. We propose the “Yasashii-Kawaʼs Promises” and conduct activities connected with the SDGs.

What is Yasashii-Kawa?

Let us start a life with Yasashii-Kawa.

Most of the leather materials used for shoes and bags are treated with heavy-metal (such as chromium) industrial chemical (*1). Occasionally, “hexavalent chromium” - a highly toxic substance – can be detected from a leather product. We started to develop a leather material which could be produced in high volume using plant-derived tannin. Eventually, we have created “Russety Leather®”, the Yasashii-Kawa, a leather material treated by a plant-derived tanning agent, which is a natural ingredient extracted from Acacia decurrens (*3). Leather is our passion. We cherish animal leather and return it back safely to the Earth. We will nurture a consumption-culture embraced with “friendliness,” and pass it on to a bright future while coexisting with nature.

(*1)Chromium: Basic Chromium (III) sulfate
(*2) Genuine leather: Leather material derived from animal skin. Synthetic leather made from petroleum or artificial leather are not called genuine leather.
(*3) Tanning: To transform skin into leather. Animal skin becomes rotten if left as is. Through tanning, it becomes leather. 

Challenges for Zero

4 Zeros are crucial for Yasashii-Kawa. What are they?

Zero Chromium in industrial effluent

To reduce environment load, execute ecological and environment-friendly tanning by ‘Russety’ leather tanning method.

Zero Stress for workers

Yasashii-Kawa gives consideration to human rights and guarantees to produce the products in a safe, comfortable, and healthy environment for the workers.

Zero Stress for animals and livestock

Use proper raw-hide from decent farming that cares for “animal welfare.”

Zero Illegal / Unfair Trade

Deliver leather products produced by companies with healthy operation and contributing to the development of leather industry.


Yasashii-Kawa is engaged in various domestic and international projects.

Let us introduce the three projects we focus our attention on to achieve the 4 Zeros as of April 2019. To become interested in is the first step to participate. Please root for the people, brands, and companies that are trying to achieve the promises of Yasashii-Kawa!

MONY Project

This project aims to transfer the “Russety” leather tanning method to Mongolia, which is one of the largest producers of leather materials, and to promote the branding of their leather products. Mongolia is one of the largest exporters of tanned leather, and this is an effort to transfer the technology of “Yasashii-Kawa” with an aim at branding of Mongolian leather products. This project has been adopted as one of the “FY2018 First Small and Medium Enterprises Overseas Development Supporting Projects ” (from February 2019 to September 2019) by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).
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MATAGI Project

In Japan, when wild animals cause damages to crop and humans, some countermeasure has to be inevitably taken. In such occasion, this project aims to encourage regional vitalization by suggesting to turn the raw-hide into useful leather resources instead of simply wasting it. Since its commercialization in 2009, 300 leather production regions and organizations, many municipalities and NGOs have participated and have been promoting activities to use the raw-hide for fashion items and daily life items. Please notice the deerskin and boar skin products.
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Happy Pig Project

This project aims to produce swine leather products from pigs raised without stoles. Currently, from the animal welfare point of view, raising animals in a “free stole” (not using a stole) has being promoted in Europe and America and is becoming the global standard. This project promotes the awareness of building and implementation of the free stole movement and supports sustainable manufacturing that cares for pig farming, abattoir, distribution, processing, and consumption. Please check out our SNS!
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Introducing Our Supporters

Introducing the companies and organizations supporting us.

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Yasashii-Kawa’s Passion

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